Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The whole crew~

To burn off some of the christmas excess we took the dogs to the chase again today.

Mark's mom and dad came over and brought Josh and the boys all had a good run, even Jonah managed to keep up the pace, he is at the healthiest he's been since being diagnosed as diabetic.

Jed bounded along off lead keeping up with the big boys, he stopped and sat to wait for his lead on when we finished the walk ~ that pup brings a lump to my throat he is so well behaved!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Jed's first walk.

Well first off, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Jed's first christmas has been a good one, he has received lots of gifts off people, but the highight of his day has been his first proper walk with his brothers.

We went over to Cannock Chase where he could have a potter about off the lead, he was as good as gold and came back everytime he was called.

He had a great time and had some Christmas turkey and a long nap when he got home-:0)

Monday, 10 December 2007

The Christmas Tree and the puppy

We put up the decorations yesterday, some people have said we must be mad with a 10 week old pup in thehouse, but i can honestly say he has been soooo good, he hasn't been anywhere near the tree, except to have his photo taken.

A Jed update- 10weeks

Jed is growing like a weed, he is getting a big boy.

He is so well behaved it is kind of scary. He is 90% house trained and is beginning to respond to simple commands like sit and wait.
Here are some recent pictures of him.