Sunday, 30 September 2007

A trip down memory lane.

What with the new arrival of Milllie in the family, it got me looking through all of Jonathan's baby pictures.

It's hard to believe that 10 yrs have passed by so quickly. As most of you will know Jonathan was born extremely early at 23 weeks and 4 days weighing little more than 1lb.

He did so well to cling on to life and survive his first 12 months and now at 10, he is a strapping lad.
Here are a few pictures-
23 weeks old-16 weeks premature.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Proud Grandparents-

Mark's mom and Dad have both been down to Paul and Sally's in Bournemouth to meet their new Granddaughter Millie-

What a difference a fortnight makes, I think she is really starting to look like her daddy- :0)

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Spoilin' the old guy!

I was having a cuppa in the garden this afternoon enjoying the sunshine when old Jonah potters up and asks if he can have the end of my tea...! What was i supposed to say, no wasn't an option!!

Oh what bliss- who'd of thought cold tea dregs could bring such pleasure?

Friday, 14 September 2007

Trying out a video.- Lily and her babies

These videos are old now, it was the morning of April 6th 2006 when Lily had her first litter of "puppies" she had them in the night and so they are about 4 hours old here when i came down stairs and found them- it is amazing how Guinea pigs are born "fully loaded" and ready to go!

Oh No- don't let Jonathan see this!

Anyone who knows my son will know that his absolute favourite past time is his Playstation- he is really good on it and his best game is The Sims 2/Pets/Urban infact you name a Sims expansion pack, and he'll have it.

Today i saw this and i'm hoping it's a joke, surely to goodness this thing isn't for real-but whatever it is don't tell Jonathan!!

sorry the picture won't enlarge anymore but it actually says- The Sims Serial Killers expansion pack!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Just look at our baby niece.

Millie is just over a week old now and gets more beautiful by the day.

Mark's mom, Pauline went down to see her last weekend and his dad, Terry is going this weekend as Nanny Nell can't be left on her own since her fall. Sadly we will have to wait 'til October half term in about 5 weeks before we can go down and see her- I CAN'T wait!!

Vanfest 2007

On this Sunday just gone we went to our favourite VW festival of the year-VANFEST 2007-

As always it was superb with a vast array of stalls and stands selling everything you could ever imagine for the VW enthusiast.
One of my most enjoyable parts of the day is going around the show and shine, some of the entrants are stunning and others just rust buckets- but they still look good to me.

We had a cracking day out and we have vowed to go in our bug next year so we will have to get going on the restoration, even if it is just so we can get stuck in the huge Vee Dub traffic jam going home!!


Saturday, 8 September 2007

That distinguished George Clooney look!

Don't ya just love that distinguished look when a man has a slight greying tint running through his hair?

I'm not talking Jimmy Saville or Dickie Davies....- blahhh !!

i was thinking a little more like this.......


Friday, 7 September 2007

Jonah seems to be feeling better.

You may remember me telling you that Jonah was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of July.

Since his diagnosis he has been very up and down, but mainly down.

This week however he seems to have perked up 10 fold- he hasn't managed a walk for a fortnight but tonight he has gone with Mark up the road to the field and according to Mark was like a pup again.

I started back to work last Monday and have had
him fed, watered and injected by 7.30, we are then
repeating the meal and shot 12 hours later.
I really think this timing is just right for himWe have begun adding some canned dog meat-pedigree chum- to his kibble as he lost his appetite and began losing weight-he adores it and eats with vigour.

I am so pleased that he is feeling better and looking and acting a lot more like his old self... love you Jonah-boy X

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Feels like i've never been away!!

Well today was my first "proper" day back at work, we were in yesterday but it was a training day-no kids- but today they were back- we had some newbies join us and they settled in well and seem really nice- so far so good.

I enjoy the first couple of days after the long summer break, it's nice to catch up with everyone but then reality hits and then you feel like you were never away.

I should be pleased that i have a nice, rewarding job , with lovely friends and collegues in a warm, safe place... and i am, but sometimes i just wish i could stay at home with my dogs...Alas i am destined to work til i drop...ah well so be it!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Look at the proud Daddy!

Thought you'd like to see this lovely picture of Mark's brother Paul with his new baby daughter Millie....what a proud daddy!!

Check out the line up!!

I managed to get a photo of all 12 piggies today, i sat them on top of the hutch and quickly took the shot. I don't think they could've moved even if they'd wanted to, they were like sardines in a tin. Anyway i love it, there's only Noddy looking down (3rd pig along from left) the rest all said "Cheese!!" or was it "carrots??"

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Welcome to the family Millie Flynn.

We've had some lovely news today from Mark's brother Paul and his girlfriend Sally, at 3.45am today-01-09-07 they had a beautiful baby daughter. She weighed 7lb 3.5oz and they have named her Millie.

It is Mark and I's first niece or nephew so we are very pleased and can't wait to go down to Bournemouth to see her.

This a mobile picture msg so not too clear but you can still see how beautiful she is.

"CONGRATULATIONS" Paul, Sally and Alex.