Monday, 30 July 2007

Liverpool Trip.

With the new football season imminant we decided to go up to Liverpool for the day yesterday (Sunday). We wanted to see how they had got on with the Edge Lane project, to have a quick drive past Anfield and then a walk around the docks.

After paying nearly £2 to park for just an hour and a half we set out down to the docks. They are doing extensive renovation work down there all towards the city of culture 2008 next year.

It was a nice walk around and very breezy. We went in all the "tat" shops for Jonathan and he bought his a dad a Homer Simpson T-shirt and a badge for his walking stick! ( long story..another great idea of Pappy's at work!).

when we got back to the car the "yellow peril" had been round and had the 2 cars either side of us...we had about 6 mins to spare on ours so made a quick exit before she came back.

we had a good day out and are looking forward to the start of the footie season in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Anyone seen Jakey?

Jakey -the cat with the wonderlust has disappeared again... we haven't seen him for at least six weeks now. I think he has adopted a new family in the area as very occasionally he will saunter past all aloof and flick his tail at us.. if you're out there in cyber space Jakey we still love you and there will always be a home here with us should you so wish xx

Meet Bernie

This is Bernie, he's one of my many Guinea pigs whom i love. He fell off his hutch today when i was cleaning him out so i wanted to say sorry Bernie and have a special mention on the blog as a way of making it up to you x

Thursday, 26 July 2007

School's out for....

Summer.... What's that then, we haven't had a summer yet and we're into August next week.

Jonathan and i have broken up for the summer holidays and to be honest we haven't done a great deal purely because of the weather. We have joined the National Trust so that we can go out free of charge and we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night.

I am still getting my head around having to give the dog injections, though i came across a brilliant site that shows you a short video clip of how to get it right.

I've been giving the house a major clean up and i intend to start decorating the hall, stairs and landing next week, before Mark finishes for his fortnight break. We are hoping to get down to Teignmouth in Devon for a week with the dogs in a tent...should be fun we're stopping at so we're all looking forward to that. Please let it be dry.

Oh well back to the hoovering...

Monday, 23 July 2007

Poor old Jonah

Poor old Jonah our 10 year old chocolate Labrador has been really poorly this week. On Saturday i had to take him to the vet as he was very tired and his coat was looking shabby. He was also loosing weight and having lots of "Piddling" accidents. Anyway to cut a long story short it turns out Jonah is Diabetic. He has to have twice daily shots of insulin to keep him well. He has spent today in the hospital getting his blood sugar stabilised and has come home tonight looking much better. Poor Jonah x

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Rainy British Weekends

We spent the weekend down at the caravan in Herefordshire. Initially we went to coincide with DUBSTOCK which was, coincidently, just 2 miles from the caravan at Madley, however as we were to find out later it was cancelled due to bad weather- thanks Cath for finding that out for us. Apart from Saturday which was glorious the weather was completely lousey- it hammered it down in the night and so we came back early sunday- never mind it'll probably brighten up tomorrow just in time for work.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Labrador Element.

Introducing you to some of the men in my life....

My 2 Labs, Jasper- black and Jonah- chocolate. Also their young nephew the very mischievious new edition to the family, Josh- yellow. We have the complete set and don't we just know it when they are all together.

Jonah and Jasper are 10 now and are becoming a bit long in the tooth, where as Josh isn't 1 yet and his favourite pastime is Playing- whether they want it or not.
They are all lovely boys though.

What a nice treat.

Thanks Mom and Dad

thanks for treating us to a night out on Saturday, it was really kind of you and we had a lovely time x

Vee Dubbin

On Sunday we went to a VW show at the Three counties show ground in Malvern, Worcestershire. The weather at long last had decided to be kind to us after almost 2 months solid rain, hence us going in the Landrover just incase the car park was a bog.
The show itself was o.k. though not as good i don't think as Van Fest ,which was amazing. We spent about 3 hours there admiring the beautiful cabriolets which i eventually dream of mine looking like-a long way to go yet.
There were the usual auto jumble stalls and those selling new parts- we filled up the rucksack with their glossy advertising parts brouchures.
As Mark looked around these parts stands i was dragged towards the toy and tat stalls by Jonathan whose £5 note was burning a serious hole in his pocket- he ended up buying a new wallet with a Beetle on the front.
He also got a flower garland ready for his Hawaiian day at school- he was fascinated by all of the hippy types in their brightly coloured clothes and long dredlocked hair, i think he fancies a camper van when he grows up.
All in all as Wallace and Gromitt would say..."a grand day out"