Saturday, 27 September 2008

Happy 1st birthday Jed!

My baby turned 1 today, how quickly has that first year passed

Here are a few pictures from the last 12 months.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Look what arrived in the mail....

I belong to 2 really good Labrador forums, Just Labradors and Labradorks R Us, in the 12 months that I have been a member I have made some really good cyber friends, despite being one of the very few English people on predominantly American/Canadian boards.

I had posted a week or so ago about our pup Jasmine, and today when I got home a package had arrived all the way from London, Ontario from Felicia and her yellow lab Henery containing 2 of the sweetest little girl collars.

People are so nice, It was a very kind and thoughtful jesture I thought.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Jasper, Jed and Josh.....

A couple of photo's taken on Sunday.

Jasper soon retired to his position on the sofa when the rugrats started their antics!
These 2 handsome boys were very well behaved...for a change!!

What does a dog have to do for a cookie?

We had coffee and cookies yesterday afternoon when Mark's mom and dad came round.

Guess who else desperately wanted a cookie?

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Some bitter sweet news.

As I said in my last post, I had reserved a chocolate pup for Mark's birthday which was due to be born on Friday 5th September, however, I received an email off of my breeder Jan on Thursday to say that Lucy had had the pups on the Wednesday evening.

She had had 4 bitches, 1 dog and then delivered a still born dog on Thursday morning~:0(

From day one, Jan had said that she had promised first dog pup to a family in the states who had had a lab off her 14 years ago who had sadly died earlier this year, this obviuosly meant that we either had a bitch, or waited for the next litter out of Florence which was due to be sired by Jed's dad, thus giving us a blood brother.

Mark was adamant we should wait for a dog, but I, who has never had a bitch in all of my years of dog ownership, quite fancied having a little girl.

The next day at work we shared about 10 texts each and I finally got my way!!! and Jasmine has been reserved!

I am the only female in our house, so it is going to be great to have another girlie about the place, plus i can't wait to buy some pretty collars!~ she was meant to be for Mark but I think i'll claim her now and get him some spotlamps and a snorkel for his Landrover instead!!

So watch this space, Jasmine is only 3 days old so we have a 7 and a half week wait, hopefully we'll meet her at the half way mark and i'll get some pictures.