Sunday, 28 October 2007

Going down South....

Just a few quick pictures....

Mark and Jonathan spent the weekend visiting Paul, Sally Alex and Millie in Bournemouth.

I had to stay at home as Jonah has been a bit off again this weekend and i really didn't want to leave him.

You'll see just how Millie has grown and how much Jonathan enjoyed his visit.

Thanks for a great weekend....:0)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Meet Jed....

We went and met Jed today, our black lab pup.

He is only 4 weeks old so we have to wait another month yet before he can come home.

I can't wait for the next 4 weeks to pass by.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

My Beautiful boys!

The perfect Autumn day.....

Today has been a beautiful, Autumnal kind of day, there has been a slight chilly breeze which has brought the leaves twisting and turning down from the trees and necessitated a jacket and boots outdoors.
The sun has managed to break through the cloud and cast shadows down through the trees and created the perfect kind of day for a dog stroll over Cannock Chase.
We don't tend to venture too far a field these days with our seniors as they tire easily, particularly Jonah, whose diabetes has a tendancy to show itself through too much exertion.
Today, however, the boys seemed up for a walk and so i loaded the landrover up with labradors and we set off for the short journey to the very beautiful and unspoilt, Cannock Chase.
The boys were very excited to be going out and whined in anticipation as they looked through the window, obviously recognising the sights and smells that met their eyes and noses.
Once we arrived i lifted them down and their adventure began, we only pottered about, probably only covering a mile all told, but it was enough to leave two senior gents very tired, happy and contented.

What a lovely day !

Saturday, 20 October 2007

I've been baby shopping today!!

I had to call at Petsmart to pick up some bits for the dogs and i couldn't resist getting in a few supplies for the puppy whilst i was there.

Here's what i got so far.........

That's all for now I can't wait until Thursday to see him for the first time.

I got his collar engraved and we have decided on another "J" name, this time it is ....."JED"

Half term........WHOO-HOOOOOOOO!!

Short, sweet and to the point....

We broke up today for the half term break, it's only a week off but we all really need it, ours is a hard class this time.

Roll on Thursday when i go to meet Jed-

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Today is my birthday....

Today is my birthday and despite having to work it and then go to a governors meeting at Jonathan's school until 6pm i have had a nice day.

I work with a great bunch and they have given me some lovely gifts....
So here's my thankyou list.

Thank you to Pauline and Terry for paying for me to go to the Wolves match on Saturday and for having Jonathan for the night and paying for a meal out...lovely stuff!

Thank-you to Nanny Nell, who despite being 87 years old and ill in hospital made arrangements to get me a gift of relaxing bubble bath and a bottle of wine...Thank-you so much.

Thank-you to Manda my best mate for the lovely purse and make-up, you know me too well, i love the purse.

Thank-you my Tuesday night out gang for my hand-bag, Beetle mug, perfume and cake- lovely thank-you girlies-

Thank-you to my class colleagues, Sarah, Donna and Jacque for my expensive Chanel perfume- i shall use it sparingly!

Thank-you to my boss Karen for the socks and body spray...i hope you're not trying to tell me something!!

Thank-you to Lisa for my GORGEOUS Piggy mug, it is one of my favourite presents, and of course my beautiful plant.

Thank-you to my brother Michael for my shopping vouchers

Thank-you to my boy Jonathan for your wonderful rendition of "Happy Birthday" this morning and for your special homemade card.

And finally thank-you to Mark for the best present of Black lab pup Jed, who i won't get until Nov 23rd, but just knowing he's coming makes my heart a flutter!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Yet another new addition abound!

I had an amazing 'phone call last night, it was from our Lab breeder, Mrs Gwinnett-Taylor.

A while ago i asked her to keep us in mind if she had another litter of black pups, my ideal dog is a male, black labrador.

Well last night she called to say that she has a litter of 10 day old all black pups- 5 girls and 4 boys, and would i like to come up in a couple of weeks to reserve one?

I was so happy i could have cried- so on Thursday 25th Oct we will travell up to see our baby for the first time, he will be 4 weeks old by then.

He will be ready for collection on 22nd Nov which is a Thursday, so we will probably pick him up on the Friday 23rd.

To say we are excited is an understatement!!

This picture isn't him and it is a bit older than what he is now as he doesn't have his eyes open yet-